Summer Internship


Summer Internship

Become a teacher-advisor

One of the most important parts of Freedom Summer is our team of Teacher-Advisors. The backbone of our academic programming, Teacher-Advisors serve as mentors and instructors, teaching courses in reading or math, leading Freedom Fellows on our camping trips, and building lasting relationships with Fellows as role models and advisors.

Our TAs come to the Delta from colleges and universities in Mississippi and around the country. TAs are college students who are passionate about the mission and spirit of the RFP, have a deep commitment to social justice, and wish to do service in underprivileged communities. TAs come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, but they are all grounded in the belief that justice is founded on access to opportunities and that freedom is rooted in Love, Education, Action, and Discipline.

TAs must be highly motivated, adaptive, and passionate, and should be interested in leadership and social justice.


Our timeline begins in January and we are selecting our team until mid-March. Our process is rolling, so please apply early. The application process begins by filling out an initial letter of inquiry. Staff from the RFP will then reach out and conduct a 45 minute phone interview. Decisions will be communicated within a month of the phone interview; follow-ups may be required on a case by case basis.

Click here for the Freedom Summer 2019 application.

8-Week Teacher-Advisor Responsibilities Include:

  • 8 - 12 hours of pre-reading to prepare for Freedom Summer

  • 1 week of intensive teacher training

  • Meeting with parents, teachers, and community leaders

  • 5 weeks of teaching academic classes and leading a fitness group

  • 2 weeks of co-leading camping trips with other interns and staff

  • Participating in Saturday service days 3-4 times over the course of the Summer


We assist all of our Teacher-Advisors in securing compensation for their summer experience, whether through on-campus organizations like the Office of Community and Service Learning through the AmeriCorps VISTA program, or through individual funding. If selected to serve, the RFP staff will work with each TA to secure funding.

If receiving money directly from the RFP, Teacher-Advisors will be given a $1700 living stipend for the summer that will offset rent, utilities, and food costs. Funding permitting, Fellows will also receive a $1200 education award upon successful completion of their duties at the RFP. 

It is strongly recommended for potential applicants that are concerned about funding to apply as early as possible to the Teacher-Advisor position, to allow for ample time to locate and secure funding.


Please contact us at rosedalefreedomproject@gmail.com with any questions or concerns!


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